What We Do:

The purpose of the Missouri County Treasurers' Association shall be to bring about a closer and more cooperative relationship amoung the County Treasurers of the State; to afford opportunity to the members; to obtain a broader and more practical knowledge of the duties and powers of their office; to study and discuss questions and laws relating to this office; to thoroughly investigate any contemplated legislation that in any way affects the office of County Treasurer and to strive at all times to give to the office of County Treasurer the high standing among the county offices of the State to which it belongs.

Meet The Board

Steve Cheslik, President

Lori Smith, 1st Vice-President

Rick Renno, 2nd Vice-President

Cindy Esley, 3rd Vice-President

Elaine Gilley, Secretary

Karen Matthews, Treasurer

Denita Matthews, Board Member

Jean Cook, Board Member

Joey Gross, Board Member

Jim Platte, Board Member

Patty Meyers, Board Member

Gene Cornell, Chaplain